Immediate updates to Osprey:Open

As part of our continued commitment to a cross-industry improvement in risk management, we have made some immediate changes to Osprey:Open. These enhancements have been incorporated in response to both user feedback and to discussions held at the Safer Skies forum earlier this month. Please find details of the updates below.

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Change to the COVID-19 case layer

As governments have changed the way that they report on cases and the metrics they use to make decisions about their response to the pandemic, we have amended the way that we display specific information. The colour scheme on the COVID-19 Cases layer has been changed to reflect the 7-day rolling average of cases per 100,000 population rather than the total number of cases, which was previously displayed. This gives you a clearer visual reference of the current COVID-19 status for each individual country.

Osprey:Open data screenshot

Change to the Osprey Airspace Risk Area layer

In response to discussions held at the Safer Skies Forum earlier this month, we have decided to increase the amount of information we are sharing about threats to civil aviation in flight. With the Airspace risk layer turned on, you are now able to view a greater depth of information for each risk area, including:

  • A list of the specific threats that exist in the specific airspace risk area, with the altitude levels at which they apply.
  • A chart displaying 6 months of data on Conflict Dynamics for the relevant airspace
  • A chart displaying 6 months of data on Conventional Military Activity for the relevant airspace
Osprey:Open data screenshot

Change to the Osprey Country Layer

In response to user feedback and to ensure that the most value is being delivered through Osprey:Open, we have changed the data shown in the default country layer. You can now view 6 months of data on Aviation Safety, Aviation Security and Social Unrest for any country, anywhere in the world. These incident types give a better picture of the operating environment in each country.

Osprey:Open data screenshot

Additional significant updates will be announced early in 2021. Please follow our LinkedIn page for further information.

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