Osprey Flight Solutions is delighted to announce the appointment of Kevin Morris as our new Chief Technology Officer.

Previous CTO and co-founder, Chris Wood, has stepped down from this role to focus on Osprey’s development and innovation, with his new role as Chief Innovation Officer he is now responsible for the formulation, development and delivery of Osprey’s new projects.

Kevin Morris comes to Osprey with a great wealth of experience and is the perfect fit to take up the mantle of this role. Kevin has over 30 years of industry experience working across diverse functions, skill levels and geographies, coordinating the creation and delivery of multiple software products. He has held senior positions across multiple sectors, including Rovi Europe (now TiVo), Macrovision and Shalbourne Technology and has a solid foundation in software design and development having spent the first 10 years of his career developing desktop, web server, and mobile-based applications.

Kevin Morris: Chief Technology Officer

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