Emerging Threat Report: Drone use by Militant Groups
April 2018
Mark Brace
Published in BlueSky - Business Aviation News
CZIR shortcomings trigger broader search for conflict zone data
January 2018
Ben Vogel - Jane's
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Civil Air Threats
January 2018
Andrew Nicholson
Published in AeroSpace Magazine - January 2018 Download article (pdf)
I am impressed with the ability of the Osprey system to provide an accurate, detailed and up to date picture of the potential threats to our operation anywhere in the world on a 24/7 basis. Rather than having to spend time compiling relevant information from different sources, the Osprey system provides a consolidated set of information tailor-made to our operational profile. It substantially supports our strategic decision making and our own risk assessment process for specific risk areas, airports and routings on a day to day basis. Reports generated by the system can be easily configured to produce relevant security information for different operational needs, such as route planning, crew layover, duty travellers, station set-up and security awareness. Using the Osprey system we’re actively improving the level of safety and security, for our employees and for our operations.
Holger Stuertz
Director Flight Safety and Compliance, AeroLogic GmbH
It is important that our partners work towards closing gaps in the security overlay of the civil aviation industry. In today’s challenging security environment, being able to instantly access accurate and robust risk assessments is a fundamental priority in aviation security.
An offering that brings cost efficiency in the utilisation of risk decision support tools recognises what is a key priority for the industry.
Matthew Vaughan
Director, Aviation Security, IATA
Industry and governments alike have been waiting for something like Osprey Flight Solutions. The innovative, data-led risk management system that Osprey offers to it’s clients provides the most accurate, detailed and tailored information, in near-real time, to help keep flights as safe and secure as possible. It is a quantum leap ahead of anything else out there, a combination of expert analysis and advanced technology that places the minimal burden on the operator. A must-have for any aircraft operator, from the largest carriers though charter and cargo to business jet owners.
Clive Wright
Owner, Contego Aviation Security
Osprey Flight Solutions helps organisations make informed risk judgements by providing them with rich, accurate and timely data assessed by credible and experienced analysts. The reporting and guidance provided not only helps entities to manage their risks, but enables them to demonstrate to their regulators, Boards, employees and customers that they are doing so in a responsible manner. Threat and Risk Assessment is a key component of Security Management Systems (SeMS) and Osprey’s Flight Risk Management System is aligned to this methodology. Having experienced at first hand the challenges faced in managing overflight security, I’m delighted to be part of the team providing the solution.
Andy Blackwell
Non-Executive Director, Osprey Flight Solutions