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Accessible global risk information

Osprey:Open is an easy to access, user friendly, individual user based platform that provides a base level of security data and information for anywhere in the world.

Our database is the largest repository of aviation specific incident data.

:Open gives users access to the data categories on crime, corruption, social unrest and aviation security events for every country and airport globally through a clear, map based interface with charts that show 6 months’ of data, enabling trends and patterns to be identified.

Enabling a cross-industry improvement in risk management

NOTAMs, AIPs, CZIBs and other advisories relating to security and airspace risks are visualised on the map, with the plain text and validity information, along with links to the source.

FIRs, geo-located incident data and our published alerts can also be viewed on the map as well as ad-hoc data sets for emergent issues – we currently have a layer that identifies reported cases of the Coronavirus globally.

We believe that everyone should be able to access the latest, curated data allowing operators to understand and mitigate the threats to their crew, passengers and aircraft.

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