Osprey Flight Solutions is delighted to announce the appointment of Richard Mayne as Data Scientist.

Richard started his career as a biomedical scientist specialising in histopathology, before retraining in computer science. He spent five years as a postdoctoral researcher in unconventional computing and some brief time as a statistics lecturer, before moving to data science in 2019. 

Richard will be a great addition to the data science team, bringing several years of bio-inspired computing research with him.

Commenting on the appointment, CEO & Co-Founder, Andrew Nicholson, said:

“Data science is integral to the on-going innovation of the Osprey system, identifying threats and risks quicker and more accurately. This is essential to our ability to help the industry understand the environment better and keep flight operations safe and secure. Richard’s impressive skills and experience will bring a new dimension of data science to the team, enabling us to take another leap forward in data-led risk management.”

Richard Mayne also commented:

“Osprey was the ideal choice for me because I wanted a challenging, fast-paced role where my actions will make a difference. Solving data problems and communicating their solutions to the people who need them is what makes me tick! I’m most looking forward to deploying some machine learning models that will help us get even more insights out of our data. I can’t wait to get started.”

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