There is a clear need across the industry for operators to have access to all the information they need to risk assess flight operations.

The information is out there and, if properly assessed and delivered in a manner that is aligned with your operating procedures, will enable you to keep your crew, passengers and aircraft safe. That is the motivation behind Osprey; to get you the best information, exactly when you need it and in a way that makes it commercially viable for you to assess every single flight that you need to.

We are a team of aviation, technical and risk management professionals with a common vision: To use our combined skills and experience to provide the industry with the highest level of support to maximise the security and safety of all flight operations.

For the first time in aviation risk management, we have integrated human expertise with the enabling capabilities of technology.

Using big data analytics, machine learning and AI to support and improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of our analysis, we have built a system that ensures that you have instantaneous access to the best reporting possible at exactly the time that you need it; 24 hours a day, whilst you are planning and during flight operations. All our assessments are based on the industry’s largest database of incidents and events, compiled from a comprehensive range of sources. This information is then applied to an innovative, aviation specific risk assessment methodology, fully SeMS compliant and aligned with ISO31000.
capabilities of technology