Osprey Flight Solutions announces the launch of Osprey:Pulse.

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Transforming operational risk management

The Osprey system is a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies
and industry-leading human analysis.

Osprey can deliver the highest quality of aviation risk management data and analysis available in the industry today.

The system delivers instantaneous access to global analysis, intelligence, information and data on the aviation security environment.

It covers the full spectrum from rapid alerts through to live-time reporting, through to fully customisable reports that are both accessible instantaneously, and up to date to the minute they are produced.

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Our goal is to change the way we look at risk management, because the safety of your crew and passengers should not be limited by the capacity of a human being.

Removing the reliance on assumptions

The core of our system is made up of three components:
our analysts, our technology and our data.

Access the power of the Osprey system through a suite of interfaces tailored to your requirements:

An easy to access, individual user based platform that provides a base level of security data, information and analysis for anywhere in the world. Find out more here
Instantaneously risk assess every flight as Osprey’s data feeds are integrated with the software platform you use, providing auditable reports to meet compliance requirements.
Display and focus on the flights with the highest risk levels through a clear and concise dashboard of your relevant flights, airports, countries and airspace.
Access live data-analytics through a customisable dashboard and map-based interface that gives you the ability to query, engage and curate invaluable trends and insights.
Customise and receive proactive alerts on emerging incidents, events and situations that have an impact on the aviation security environment.
Fully customise instantaneous risk assessment reports, providing intelligence on any country, airspace or airport in the world.
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