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Description of Risk Assessment


Your essential aviation alerting system

Our industry-leading ‘core’ offering provides critical information in real-time to commercial airlines, cargo carriers and private aviation operators – helping them to understand and plan their risk mitigation measures.

:Core’s analyst-curated alerts provide your security and operations teams with essential information relating to events affecting the countries, airports and airspace you’re operating in.

For a baseline understanding of all the events, past and present, affecting a country, airport or airspace, :Core’s detailed reports provide a comprehensive summary of the level of risk.

A critical tool for aviation operators as well as government analysts, :Core provides proactive risk assessment to help keep aircraft, passengers, personnel and cargo safe.

Realtime alerts include a full description of the event, analysis of its potential impact, advice on whether the event is part of a wider trend and recommendations of steps to take – all delivered directly to your inboxes. 

Key Feature

Timely and proactive information delivered to your team. Our expert analyst team provides a detailed analysis of an alert giving you the information you need to help make informed decisions that may impact your business.


Osprey:Core also delivers instantaneous and dynamic risk assessment reports on any country, airport or airspace risk areas globally.

Key Feature

Providing you the most accurate and up-to-date picture of the global risk environment. Every report is created from live data at the instant of request, ensuring it includes any recent alerts, incidents and any changes to the level of risk.

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Your live data analytics dashboard

Visualise the largest database of aviation safety and security incidents available. Osprey:Explore’s provision of a long-term analytical view is fast becoming a critical tool for insurance companies. Aviation insurers value the ability to understand trends and predict events that may affect their underwriting policies.

:Explore’s map interface and customisable dashboard enables governments, the military and commercial airlines to thoroughly ‘explore’ live data relating to aviation safety and security events.

Highly visual and intuitive, users can interrogate our entire dataset across specific dates and timescales and selected geographical areas to reveal activity and security incidents.

Let your analysts loose on :Explore and empower your decision-making with proactive research.

Experience the world's first and largest aviation security event database


Your risk assessment tool for individual flights

Osprey:Flights is our industry-leading flight risk assessment tool that enables you to instantaneously risk assess individual flights. An aviation safety management system that supports your flight operations.

Flight route mapping software

Assess a flight’s risk exposure for flight planning and compliance purposes by manually uploading flight details into our system.

Alternatively :Flights will integrate with your flight planning software to automatically assess risk across your entire flight operation. 

Commercial and cargo airlines love the simplicity and ease with which risk assessment can be conducted across their flights. Smaller private and business operators love the ease and efficiency that :Flights delivers to their teams.

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Keeping the aviation industry on top of risk.

The Osprey:Pulse intuitive dashboard enables you to monitor your entire flight board and understand instantaneously when risk levels change. :Pulse uses AI-enabled technology to build a dynamic, global picture of aviation risk.

Through integration of flight plan feeds, automatically risk assess every single flight operation and get alerted to risk environment changes anywhere in the world.

When a scheduled flight’s risk level changes, :Pulse issues an automatic alert, enabling your team to conduct the necessary review.

Keep up-to-date with events and activities affecting your scheduled flights with targeted information relating to flight plans.

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Giving you access to our analysts like you’ve never had before

Osprey:Oracle is a bespoke service tailored specifically to help you make more confident and informed decisions about your flight operations, this service provides access to our analysts like you’ve never had before.

Our expert team will provide you with in-depth analysis, reports, and material relevant to your question. Covering all aspects of risk management and risk mitigation on topics including conflict zone activity, counterterrorism to irregular migration, crew/aviation security, and environmental threats.

Whether it is a question about a flight plan, an evolving threat or airspace risk :Oracle provides you with the opportunity to have one-on-one access to our industry-leading analyst team.


Integrate our expert analysts with your team


Keeping you alert to any changes that could impact your operations.

Osprey:Squawk detects anomalies in our data feeds and provides you with early alerts to changes that can help guide your risk assessments.

By processing thousands of documents per day pertinent to aviation security and risk, we deliver rapid, concise and actionable data insights, both at the country and airport levels, including their immediate environments, direct to your inbox.

:Squawk can detect even the most subtle changes in risk environments, regardless of whether data is sparse or abundant, and highlight events such as changes in weapon profiles within conflict zones, and trafficking patterns at international airports.

Have daily anomaly reports delivered directly to you

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