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Risk management isn’t just about avoiding the bad things. It’s also about knowing where and when there are opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs and reduce environmental impact.  

Osprey Flight Solutions is a suite of risk management solutions designed to deliver commercial, operational and environmental benefits to organisations within and associated with the aviation industry. 

You can’t afford to ignore the Osprey opportunity. 

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Why we’re different and indispensable

The fundamental flaw of most aviation-related risk analysis is that it still relies to a great extent on human-based process and bias. 

Developing a comprehensive and objective understanding of any environment, particularly in an increasingly complex world, is hard. In fact it is impossible for a human to make that objective, consistent analysis. 

Within the aviation security industry, this challenge is compounded by the sheer operational tempo. How do you conduct objective analysis of potentially thousands of flights a day, when you cannot conduct an objective analysis of the risks for one flight? The answer is that many aviation organisations do not even try, and those that do, consistently struggle to implement a process that adds real value to their operation.

We have pioneered the world’s first risk management solution for the aviation industry. It is the only risk management product offering that combines aviation-specific data with aviation-specific risk assessment methodologies, superior human reasoning and augmented AI.  

And what’s more, we’ve developed APIs that integrate our solutions with your flight planning software – to deliver a solution that’s tailored to your specific operations.

Aviation-centric data

Our AI algorithms continuously gather swathes of structured and unstructured aviation-relevant risk data from hundreds of thousands of publicly available sources in over 65 languages. These sources include social media platforms, major international media outlets, local news publications, national-level authorities, law enforcement, government departments, industry organisations, special interest groups with a focus on aviation, think tanks, and third-party intelligence providers. Our database includes data on a broad spectrum of risks the aviation industry both faces and creates - from cybercrime to irregular migration and human trafficking, from GPS interference to social unrest, and from surface-to-air missile threats to fraudulent travel document usage.

Aviation-specific risk assessment methodology

Automated categorisation, multi-source corroboration, geolocation and date/time stamping are fundamental to our unique data-led risk analysis system. The continuous and automated improvement that machine learning enables ensures that our systems, analysis processes and analytical methodologies are continuously enhanced to become more capable and more accurate.

Aviation-specific specialist analysts

Our qualitative reporting of aviation security incidents is supplemented and corroborated by robust analyst-driven risk assessments. These are conducted by our specialist team of expert analysts and enables us to achieve the highest level of quality control across the industry.

Insightful, intuitive deliverables

The resulting data and information drives a suite of reporting products that provide clear, compliant, digestible and actionable intelligence via an advanced user interface. This helps users to visualise risk environments and make informed risk mitigation and route optimisation decisions on a near real-time basis.

APIs that integrate with your flight plans

And last but not least, our risk assessment solutions can be tailored to your operations. We can integrate our solutions with your risk assessment and flight planning data – to provide automated solutions tailored to your flights and profile.

Osprey Flight Solutions risks assess your entire flight network

Intelligence and Analysis

Your essential aviation alerting system

Risk assessment in the aviation industry is the process of identifying, analysing, and assessing potential risks that may arise from operations or activities. This includes safety risks, security risks, operational risks, legal risks, and financial risks. Risk assessment can help the organisation identify potential risks and develop strategies for mitigating or avoiding them.

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aviation risk alerting system

Your essential aviation alerting system

overflight risk monitoring flight planning software

Your risk assessment tool for individual flights

aviation risk database, aviation events and notifications

Your live data analytics dashboard

Osprey :Pulse keeping you on top of risk

Keeping the aviation industry on top of risk


Predicting events and anomalies that impact you

Osprey:Oracle access Osprey's expert analysts

Giving you access to our analysts like never before

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Risk management for the aviation industry

Risk Management

Elevating safety, optimising performance

Osprey’s Risk Manager is unique in having both the full spectrum risk identification, analysis and evaluation inputs as well as automated monitoring, process workflows and communication.

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Osprey :Sentinel, regulatory compliance tool for the aviation industry
:Risk Manager

An out of the box software solution to deliver efficient risk management and drive better decision making.

Take control of your risk management process

Helping your entire network comply to regulations

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulations is essential for ensuring the safety and security of people and property in the air and on the ground. It also helps to ensure efficient operations and protects the reputation of the aviation industry.

Osprey Flight Solutions Dynamic risk area mapping
Osprey :Sentinel, regulatory compliance tool for the aviation industry

Get a real-time picture of your compliance risk. Our systems immediately and systematically cross-reference your flights with UK CAA, French DGAC, German LBA, US FAA, Transport Canada and EASA notices, giving you the assurance that any potential violation will be identified in advance

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