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Through flexible data ingestion, automated notifications and priority flagging, the system monitors for change 24/7/365, makes instant changes to the risk assessments and notifies relevant stakeholders in accordance with company escalation policies.

aviation risk alerting system
Good data delivered

Data and other inputs provide the most important part of any risk management process – risk identification. Without good risk identification, risks will be missed and once this happens, the utility of the rest of the process is undermined.

An effective and efficient process

It is well recognised that any risk management capability must follow a process, which consists of a number of steps. ISO31000 is the most well recognised standard internationally and defines Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Evaluation, Risk Treatment as these steps, surrounded by communications & consultation and Monitoring & Review. ICAO Annex 17 conforms to this definition.

Continuous change monitoring

Risk changes, it moves, it is never constant. Therefore a risk management capability must be able to identify these changes and assess the impact of the change on the risk analysis.

Timely and specific communication

Risk management is a vitally important component of decision making within any organisation and requires that the right stakeholders are given the right information at the right time.

Fully-customisable, compliant risk management

Risk Manager delivers all these aspects by automating an ISO31000, ICAO Annex 17 compliant risk management process for any organisation and any risks. Risk Manager is effective straight out of the box and yet fully customisable.

The platform automates all the workflows necessary, helping you to achieve effective and efficient risk management.

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