Providing an accurate and consistent analysis of risk

Osprey’s product suite is the most powerful resource in the industry for understanding the risks in the global aviation operating environment. 

 Our unique aviation risk management system delivers a dynamic view of the risk and exposure profile of an insurer’s aviation client base. With access to accurate, current and consistent data we enable insurers to understand the real-time environment in which their clients are operating, and ultimately support them in profiling effectively the evolving risk landscape as it impacts their aviation insurance portfolio.  

Our risk management system delivers pre-emptive analysis and data on incidents, trends and emerging situations globally that indicate a risk to aviation enabling insurers to make informed underwriting decisions. 

Achieve more premium and reduce cover of losses

Osprey’s unique product suite is the only risk management solution dedicated to the aviation industry.

It allows underwriters to understand accurately the risks presented to them by their clients’ activities. These risks will vary depending on where clients operate their aircraft, the locations where their aircraft are parked and the airspace they traverse during their operations. The system delivers quantified risk information on countries, airports and airspace anywhere in the world. 

This intelligence enables underwriters to write policies with policy terms and premiums that reflect the underlying risks of their clients’ operations. 


Help aviation clients be more responsive

With a more accurate and objective view of global aviation risks and how these might impact a client’s operations, insurers are able to work with clients to mitigate potential risks and threats to their aircraft, crew, passengers and cargo, thereby reducing insurance losses.

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With access to accurate and consistent data and analysis of global aviation risks, we enable insurers to understand the real-time environment their clients are operating in, and ultimately support them in effectively profiling the evolving risk landscape impacting their aviation insurance portfolio.

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