Providing an accurate and consistent analysis of risk

Osprey's unique aviation risk management system delivers a dynamic view of the risk and exposure profile for an insurer’s client base. With access to accurate and consistent data and analysis for aviation risks globally, the Osprey system enables you to understand the real-time environment your clients are operating in, and, ultimately supports you in effectively profiling the evolving risk landscape impacting your aviation insurance portfolio.

Enhance situational awareness

Understand your clients' risk by receiving proactive and pre-emptive alerts on changing environments to enhance your awareness of evolving situations.

Deeper understanding of risk

Interrogate our database of aviation incidents, the most comprehensive of its kind in the world, to identify trends and patterns that can contribute to your assessment of clients' risk exposure and insurance premium rating.

Customise your experience

Better inform your decision-making by examining specific threats closely and specifically monitoring only those countries, airports and airspace that are relevant to you and your clients.

A seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with world-class human analysis.

Our Solution
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