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Data-driven analysis from take-off to touch-down

The amount of data that we collect through our AI-based technology allows us to rapidly identify, corroborate and classify incidents, events and situations about which you should be informed. By combining data with Osprey’s team of world-class analysts, along with a seamless integration with your flight planning software, we deliver an end-to-end risk management system right from the planning stage, through to take-off and touch-down.

Seamlessly integrate Osprey with your flight planning software

Our data feeds can be integrated with any software platform you use, enabling an instantaneous risk assessment in the planning stages of your flight.

Stay up-to-date and remain informed

The Osprey system delivers fully compliant instant reports, as well as timely alerts to ensure you’re fully up-to-date and remain a well-informed operation.

Fully customise and tailor your experience

Inform your decision-making and monitor situations closely by assessing and monitoring only those countries, airports and airspace that are relevant to you.

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Analyst Articles

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Analyst Situation Updates

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