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Osprey Flight Solutions

Press Release issued by SkyUp:

The SkyUp brand implements an aviation security risk management system from Osprey Flight Solutions. After all, security is the biggest and unconditional priority of operational activity, taking into account the challenges of today and the extremely fast dynamics of changes in the security situation in the world. Osprey's software solution provides an end-to-end aviation security risk management system before the start of operations, from takeoff to landing.

It is an integrated system that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with world-class human analysis. Its capabilities allow you to rapidly identify, corroborate, and classify incidents, events, and situations about which operators should be informed.

"Our goal and inherent nature are to safeguard our passengers, staff, suppliers, and assets through the implementation of state-of-the-art software and global best practices", Dmytro Seroukhov, General Director at SkyUp says. "The Osprey system is one of the best available in the flight safety and security, and risk management markets today. We are happy to cooperate with market leaders and together do everything in our power to safeguard against the possible consequences of any unexpected events".

Within our cooperation, staff training and system implementation have already taken place, and today the Osprey system serves as a comprehensive decision-making tool for us. With its adaptable data collection, predictive intelligence, automated notifications, and priority flagging, the system continuously monitors for changes 24/7, instantly adjusts risk assessments, and notifies with messages for further decision-making on possible changes to routes, flight schedules, etc. The system integrates with our inventory system and coordinates with our customer support team.

"SkyUp Airlines' commitment to safety and efficiency is commendable, and we are thrilled to welcome them as a valued partner in our mission to elevate aviation safety. With Osprey's Risk Intelligence solutions, we're confident that together, we'll soar to new heights, setting new standards for safety and operational excellence in the aviation industry," Andrew Nicholson, CEO, Osprey Flight Solutions says. 

"Gallagher Aerospace as the premier airline insurance broker are privileged to represent SkyUp with the global aviation insurance market. We are responsible to present SkyUp’s risk positively to deliver the most preferential insurance terms and conditions. We appreciate the critical nature of threat intelligence in aviation risk management and the importance of the Osprey service for SkyUp to further enhance the strength of their risk profile," Martin Rossiter, Gallagher Aerospace says. "Importantly as their broker we have been able to negotiate a contribution from their aviation insurers to support the adoption of the Osprey threat intelligence platform as a step to improve operational risk management. Furthermore, Osprey and Gallagher’s dedicated co-operation delivers additional complimentary service benefits to SkyUp as a Gallagher client."

SkyUp continues to implement solutions that contribute to optimizing our operational activities, improving the quality of passenger services, and fostering more effective cooperation with partners. As a reminder, we recently started implementing a PSS system from IBS Software to provide greater flexibility after the resumption of regular flights.

SkyUp systematically works on optimizing processes and providing comprehensive, advanced support for its activities in conditions of constant scaling as an international brand with Ukrainian roots.