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Marshall your flight plans with a real-time picture of your compliance risk with :Sentinel™

Discover the power of :Sentinel™ – a highly visual tool designed to help airline operators navigate the complexities of global aviation regulations. With :Sentinel™, you can easily select a regulator and view their authority advisories on a global map. Plus, you can quickly assess your flight paths, including codeshares, against regulations to ensure compliance and avoid any violations.

Only assess what matters to you

:Sentinel™ integrates with your flight planning software to ensure all your flights are automatically assessed for potential breaches from your chosen authorities and instantly notifies you of breach risks.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

View of all your flights that breach prohibitions, advisories and user-defined shapes, filterable by country and airport to help you understand and manage compliance.

Identify any past breaches

Assisting your organisation in understanding if any breaches may have occurred and helping you minimise their impact on your operations.

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Aviation Industry Regulatory Compliance
See all the latest prohibitions and advisories in an easy-to-use dashboard, with map functionality

Get real-time picture of your compliance risk with :Sentinel™.

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You can immediately and systematically cross-reference your flights with UK CAA, French DGAC, German LBA, Transport Canada and EASA notices, giving you the assurance that any potential violation will be identified in advance.

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You will receive proactive email notification of any potential or actual flight breaches, including codeshare partners, allowing time for corrective action to be taken before a potential breach occurs.

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The customisable dashboard includes a global map that allows for easy visualisation of all prohibitions and advisories in place, linked to your flight data so you can immediately identify areas of compliance concern and take the necessary action.

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It also facilitates the identification of historic breaches, to allow you to proactively engage with the relevant regulators to minimise the impact on your operations and organisation.

Helping the aviation industry stay on top of your regulatory compliance
Display and access all your upcoming flight advisory and prohibition notice breaches

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