A crucial innovation for the industry that truly sets the standard for aviation risk management

Whether you’re a commercial airline, cargo carrier or business jet operator, our unique solution delivers effective and systematic risk assessment so you can ensure the safety and security of your passengers, crew and aircraft. We provide an instantaneous view of the risk profile for your whole network, enabling you to identify where the key risks lie, power your operational and security decision-making and apply your resources efficiently and effectively.

Keep operations safe and secure

By collating and scraping data from hundreds of thousands of aviation specific data feeds, we identify more risks than any other provider. Not only do we identify what risks exist and where, but we calculate the probability of that risk by assessing likelihood and potential impact to give you a realistic and actionable picture.

Customisable to your flights plans and network

With our integrated flight plan feeds, our system automatically risk assesses and monitors every single one of your flights, anywhere in the world. To support your operational and security decision making, and help you meet compliance requirements you’ll receive instant alerts and auditable reports if a situation arises that may affect any of your flights.

A seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with world-class human analysis.

"Osprey Flight Solutions provides a timely and holistic risk analysis of overflight risk assessment."

Senior Vice President Flight Operations

Captain Quay Chew Eng

"The speed with which we can access live risk assessments has transformed the way in which we operate."

Head of Corporate Security & Emergency Response

Leif Svensson

"Osprey is now a key element of our security and risk decision-making."

Former Head of Security

Nigel Williams

"Osprey is helping to keep the airline, our people and passengers safe and secure."

Head of Security

Michael Broster

Osprey Flight Solutions supports the commercial aviation industry through its products, tools and software.

Automate large scale risk assessments

Providing an instantaneous, dynamic view of the risk profile for your entire network by automatically risk assessing every single one of your flights, anywhere in the world.
Osprey Flight Solutions supports the cargo industry with their aviation everyday.

Enabling safer and more secure logistical operations


Automatically risk assessing your entire aviation network, anywhere in the world, to enable safer and more secure logistical operations.

Osprey Flight Solutions supports business aviation through their software, products and tools.

Seamlessly integrate your flight planning software

Business Aviation

Delivering an end-to-end risk management system right from the planning stage, through to take-off and touch-down.

Bring operational risk management through innovation and technology to your organisation
Osprey Flight Solutions leading airline security provider

Cutting-edge technology to inform operational decision-making

Want to ensure plane sailing to the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Osprey has you covered, with a risk overview and expert advice!