Our mission

Transforming operational risk management through data, technology and innovation.

The aviation sector faces a myriad of security risks every day, which threaten not just everyone who flies, but also the security of our national borders and infrastructure. All too often, the industry has suffered disruption and, sadly, tragedies that have shown that traditional, purely human-based risk management is simply not good enough. This was the reason Osprey was founded. A need for a better solution. One that would help to understand, in detail, the broad spectrum of risks that every single flight faces every single day.

We exist to enable systematic risk management. On their own, data, technology and human analysts cannot deliver objective, consistent and dynamic risk management. But by bringing these essential components together - hundreds of thousands of reliable data sources, an industry-leading analysis team, and a proprietary software package to seamlessly fuse them together - we enable operators, governments and regulatory bodies to truly understand the broad spectrum of risks facing each and every flight and thus the global aviation network.

This game-changing capability is enabled by the world-class team we have at Osprey. By understanding and identifying security risks, and by constantly innovating, listening and sharing, we maximise the safety and security of all flight operations and deliver truly systematic risk management for the entire industry.

Meet the Osprey team

A new age for aviation risk management

A world-class team of aviation, technology and risk management professionals.

Meet the Team
A new age for aviation risk management

Our solution

A seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with world-class human analysis.

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Bring operational risk management through innovation and technology to your organisation

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