Osprey Flight Solutions Secures 5-Year Agreement with TUI Airline 

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Osprey Flight Solutions

July, 2024 – Osprey Flight Solutions, a leader in aviation risk management and security intelligence, is proud to announce a new 5-year agreement with TUI Airline. This landmark agreement underscores TUI's commitment to a progressive and proactive approach to risk management, enhancing the safety and security of their operations worldwide. 

Under this agreement, TUI Airline will leverage Osprey's full suite of advanced solutions as well as implementing Osprey's brand-new product, Risk Manager, a revolutionary platform developed in collaboration with a working group of major airlines and industry partners to streamline the risk management process and enhance safety and security measures. 

Innovative Risk Management for Enhanced Safety 

TUI Airline's decision to integrate Osprey's comprehensive solutions highlights their dedication to adopting the latest advancements in aviation security and risk management. By utilizing Osprey's Intelligence and Analysis tools, TUI will benefit from real-time data and insights, enabling them to anticipate and mitigate potential risks more effectively. 

The new Risk Management tool, developed with input from leading industry experts and airlines, represents a significant leap forward in proactive risk management. This state-of-the-art platform offers unprecedented capabilities in identifying, assessing, and responding to a wide range of operational risks, ensuring that TUI Airline remains at the forefront of safety and security in the aviation industry. 

A Partnership for the Future 

"We are thrilled to partner with TUI Airline and support their mission to provide the highest levels of safety and security for their passengers and crew," said Andrew Nicholson, CEO of Osprey Flight Solutions. "This agreement is a testament to the innovative and forward-thinking approach that TUI Airline embodies. By adopting our full suite of solutions, they are leading the way in setting a new standard for risk management in the aviation industry." 

Guy Murray, NP Aviation Security at TUI Airline, added, "Our collaboration with Osprey Flight Solutions is a crucial step in enhancing our risk management capabilities. The integration of their Intelligence and Analysis tools, along with the new Risk Manager platform, will enable us to operate with greater confidence and agility. We are committed to providing a safe and secure travel experience for our passengers, and this partnership plays a vital role in achieving that goal." 

About Osprey Flight Solutions 

Osprey Flight Solutions is a global leader in aviation risk management and security intelligence. Our innovative solutions combine advanced technology with expert analysis to deliver real-time insights and comprehensive risk assessments. We are dedicated to helping airlines, airports, and aviation authorities navigate an increasingly complex security landscape with confidence and precision. 

Osprey Flight Solutions CEO, Andrew Nicholson, with Guy Murray, NP Aviation Security for TUI Airline at the World Overflight Risk Conference 2024. (Image Credit: Crispy Dog Productions Ltd)