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The air cargo industry is experiencing rapid growth and intense competition while operating within a regulated framework. It confronts various difficulties, including escalating fuel and labor expenses. Nevertheless, despite its worldwide reach and the potential to explore more demanding routes, the industry’s foremost challenge revolves around augmenting exposure to unforeseen perils and circumstances that are beyond the control of airlines and logistics operators.

To overcome these obstacles, Osprey offers risk intelligence solutions specifically tailored for cargo carriers and operators. These solutions not only ensure the safety and security of assets and personnel but also enable the identification of commercial opportunities and facilitate informed decision-making. Before delving into the ways in which our solutions can assist air cargo carriers and operators, let’s examine some of the significant security risks that cargo flights encounter on a regular basis.


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Osprey Flight Solutions is a suite of risk management solutions designed to deliver commercial, operational and environmental benefits to organisations within and associated with the aviation industry. 

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