Andrew Nicholson

Andrew, CEO, founded Osprey Flight Solutions with the aim of driving a quantum shift in the capabilities available to the industry for security risk management, enabled by a focus on cutting edge computing techniques and data-led risk management. Recognised as a leader in the aviation security arena, Andrew frequently provides expert comment and analysis to the leading international news networks, discussing topical global aviation security issues, as well as being a regular contributor and featured speaker at numerous international industry events. In 2021 Andrew was named a Top 20 Dynamic CEO by The CEO Publication.

After graduating with a degree in engineering, Andrew spent 12 years in the Royal Navy, 6 with UK Special Forces, which included operational tours in all major conflict regions. Leaving the military at the height of the Somali Piracy phenomenon, for 3 years Andrew led the maritime and oil and gas divisions for the largest provider of maritime security in the industry. At the same time, he was a member of the steering committee and subsequent Board of Directors for the only international human rights focused initiative for the security risk management industry.

Andrew moved to International SOS and Control Risks in July 2014 to head up the aviation security team. Realising that the industry’s requirement for risk management support had changed in the wake of the MH17 disaster, Andrew co-founded Osprey, which is now recognised across the industry as the leader in open source risk management data, developing innovative tools to support all operators, no matter their size or resource, in conducting comprehensive and accurate risk management.

  • CEO Andrew Nicholson
  • Lead Back End Developer Ricardo Bruggemann
  • Client Relationship Manager Shelley Gandolfi
  • Lead Data Scientist Richard Mayne
  • Head of Client Relations Martine Wilkins
  • Product Manager Thomas Finney
  • Chief Technology Officer Chris Wood
  • Aviation Security Analyst Isobel Linsell
  • Head of Commercial Finance Catherine Guyler
  • Marketing Executive Victoria Ross
  • Client Development Director Richard Willis
  • Front End Developer George Wilson
  • Global Head of Business Development Tim Willis
  • Office Manager and HR Administrator Jules Steer
  • Head of Analysis Mark Brace
  • Director Risk, Legal and Compliance Sylvia White
  • Junior Front End Developer Jack Chenhall
  • Lead Front End Developer Dan Lincoln
  • CCO Bruce Norfolk
  • Aviation Security Analyst Alexandra James
  • Chief Intelligence Officer Matthew Borie
  • Chief Financial Officer James Walton
  • DevOps Engineer Mark Garner

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