Air CM Global strengthens flight safety and security with Osprey Flight Solutions

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Osprey Flight Solutions

Osprey Flight Solutions has today announced a new collaboration with Air CM Global, a world-leading luxury boutique business jet management and charter company, to support and advance their flight safety and security through the implementation of Osprey’s unique risk management system.

By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with world-class human analysis, the Osprey system is the most powerful resource in the industry for understanding the risks in the global aviation operating environment. By rapidly identifying, corroborating and classifying incidents, events and situations about which operators should be informed, along with a seamless integration with flight planning software, Osprey delivers an end-to-end risk management system from take-off to touch-down.


“We are very excited about the partnership and the benefits it offers our clients.”


Headquartered in Malta, Air CM Global are world-renowned experts in private aviation services, ranging from charter flights and aircraft management, to highly specialised air services including air ambulance and cargo operations.

With a strong reputation for attentive customer care and an ongoing commitment to the highest standards of safety and security, Air CM Global has introduced Osprey’s solution to enhance their risk management processes and enable safer and more secure flights for their passengers, crew, and aircraft.

Bruce Norfolk, Chief Commercial Officer at Osprey Flight Solutions commented:

“We are delighted that Air CM Global has recognised the significant advantages that the Osprey system will provide and it’s a pleasure to work with them to support and strengthen their risk management.”


Renald Sammut, Head of Ground Operations at Air CM Global added:

“Air CM Global is a company committed to delivering safe and efficient flights, as fast as possible. It is the reason why we chose Osprey Flight Solutions for our flight risk assessments. Osprey delivers real time, detailed risk assessments to aircraft operators in the most accurate and efficient way. We are very excited about the partnership and the benefits it offers our clients.”