Air Support & Osprey Flight Solutions announce cooperation to deliver pioneering flight risk assessment functionality

Osprey Flight Solutions

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Osprey Flight Solutions

AIR SUPPORT, one of the world’s leading suppliers of flight planning solutions has announced its cooperation with the pioneering risk management system, Osprey Flight Solutions, in an arrangement that will offer customers a unique function of the PPS Flight Planning System.

The Osprey Flight Solutions breakthrough risk management service will seamlessly integrate with the PPS Flight Planning System to deliver instantaneous, intuitive, visual and written risk assessments directly to the operator when needed, supporting operational decision making, quality control and compliance. The company is meeting current market demand for business enabling tools by using cutting edge technology to enhance the quality and consistency of human analysis to offer a unique over-flight security and risk assessment solution which improves efficiency, accuracy and output, whilst keeping costs down.

CEO of AIR SUPPORT, Per Jensen, said:

“Risk assessment of flights to ensure the safety of operations has for a long time been a strong market demand. Our new cooperation with Osprey Flight Solutions is based on a common understanding of system integration capability being one of the most important benefits to the aircraft operator. We are very excited about this new cooperation and look forward to soon being able to deliver a highly useful state-of-the-art risk assessment integration to our customers.”

CEO of OSPREY FLIGHT SOLUTIONS, Andrew Nicholson, added:

“Integration, as well as improving operator efficiency, are the main drivers behind the development of Osprey. Our cooperation with one of the leading suppliers of flight planning solutions, in AIR SUPPORT, is a significant recognition of this and we are delighted that the PPS Flight Planning System will be leading the way in providing the industry with this much needed business enabling tool”.


AIR SUPPORT specialises in the provision of the pc-based flight planning software PPS Flight Planning System (PPS), incl. the integrated web-based briefing service CrewBriefing. AIR SUPPORT is one of the world’s leading suppliers of flight planning software solutions to private and commercial business aircraft operators, regional/charter/cargo/national airlines as well as military/utility operators. AIR SUPPORT also specialises in the provision of advanced interfaced solutions towards airline and business aviation operators who utilise 3rd party scheduling and crew planning systems. Interfaced solutions offer the operator fully automated and dynamically optimised data output. Today, aircraft operators in more than 75 countries use PPS.