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AVSEC World in Miami, Florida, USA, will showcase the dynamic security environment and provide a forum to address the challenges that the industry faces. Osprey Flight Solutions is a Platinum Sponsor of the Conference that unites professionals in the security sphere to discuss current issues and actions to be taken to manage risks in the aviation industry today.

“Security is a topic of critical importance. Speed is of essence. For a business, speed is linked to success and ultimately survival. Security is the same. Speed matters. Threats emerge quickly. And they evolve fast.”

Alexandre de Juniac, Director General and CEO of IATA

Our event recommendations

Day 1 | Aviation Security meets Silicon Valley – The future aviation systems continues to be reinforced by next-generation thinking in the kind of transport services offered. Operators of manned aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) may ultimately share the same customer going forward but it is perhaps the unwavering commitment to maintaining extraordinarily high-levels of safety and security that will prove to be the mutual cornerstone of future success for all types of air transport. New entrants utilising low and high altitude continue to break tradition and offer unique air transport services that will ultimately integrate with conventional scheduled and chartered civil aviation. This high-level panel is an opportunity for an “…East meets West” exchange of ideas and challenges. Discussion will be premised upon the integrated approaches of safety and security, both the nexus of physical and digital operating within a highly regulated environment.

Day 2 | Open Source Intelligence & Risk Management – Our CEO Andrew Nicholson, will be part of the panel discussion on Open Source Intelligence & Risk Management. This session will be part of the afternoon session on Wednesday 27th (Day 2). More below about what Andrew will be bringing to the discussion about how Osprey Flight Solutions are breaking new ground in open source intelligence for the aviation industry.

Day 3 | Innovation Workshop – Partnered with ICAO, working group on innovation within the aviation industry (WGIAS)

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The exhibition will be one of our busiest events of 2019. If you would like to book a session to meet the team and work through our platform in slower time, please contact the team on the details below so we can spend dedicated time with you.

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