Osprey Flight Solutions: 2023 Round-Up

map of alerts issued to aviation in 2023

Notifications During 2023, Osprey Flight Solutions issued a total of 1,868 notifications covering aviation-centric incidents and events in over 200 countries. These are divided into four main categories in the Osprey system: Aviation Safety, Aviation Security, Conflict Zone Dynamics and Conventional Military Activity.   Of the total notifications issued, 537 were critical alerts, largely relating to […]

Navigating the Cost of Changing Your Risk Management/Risk Intelligence Solution in the Aviation Industry

the cost of change aviation risk management risk solution technology

In the aviation industry, where safety and efficiency are paramount, risk management and intelligence systems play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations. The dynamic and  fast-paced nature of aviation necessitates the continuous evolution of these systems to adapt to emerging challenges and opportunities. Osprey’s solutions offer a compelling case for making the switch.  Explore […]

The Cost of Disruption to Airline Operations: Navigating Challenges and Solutions

cost of disruptions airlines, airlines delay, airline cost, low budget airline disruptions flight delays

In the fast-paced world of aviation, disruptions to airline operations can have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond the immediate inconvenience to passengers and crew. From technical glitches to unexpected events, the cost of disruption can be substantial. Director General of IATA, Willie Walsh, recently stated “Airlines will share $9.8 billion in net profit this year. […]

Top 5 Risks to Business Aviation in the US

Top 5 Risks to Business Aviation in the US

Over the last year, the aviation industry in the United States (US) has been exposed to many risks and threats. With the global community continuing to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and experiencing the impacts of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the aviation industry is facing challenges that have not been experienced on this scale […]