A growing number of national governments and transnational organisations have announced plans to develop and implement COVID-19 immunity-based travel documents and/or digital verification systems to either allow their citizens to prove their vaccination status to authorities in host countries or limit their own international visitors to those who can prove they have received an inoculation. Whilst the concept of ‘vaccine passports’ remains a controversial one, significant progress has already been made towards designing and implementing these systems. However, at this juncture, several conceptual and practical concerns over the feasibility of restricting international air transport to vaccinated passengers remain unaddressed.

In this report, Osprey Flight Solutions provides an illustrative list of publicly announced vaccine passport schemes alongside a summary of their progress. This is followed by an overview of the issues their proponents face, alongside advice for a workable solution, and an outline of the near-term impact on ‘post-pandemic air travel.

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About the author

Thomas Finney Analysis & Integration Specialist

As Osprey’s Analysis & Integration Specialist, Tom provides a link between the analysis and tech development teams, helping to ensure that the latest data collection, processing and analysis techniques are integrated into every stage of our risk management process. As an analyst, he also covers a variety of issues and has most recently been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming a leading expert on its impact on the aviation industry.

With an academic background in social and political science, Tom has carried out geo-political intelligence gathering in many contexts and has helped develop several risk monitoring platforms.

As a security analyst he has worked closely with a range of clients from across the transportation industry to provide actionable and reliable intelligence, initially with a geographical focus on Europe and Asia, before specialising further as an aviation analyst.

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