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Osprey Flight Solutions

Heston Airlines, a newly established European carrier, has today announced the implementation of Osprey Flight Solutions’ unique risk management system. Heston will benefit from the highest possible levels of security intelligence from Osprey, to ensure safer and more secure operations for their passengers, crew and aircraft.

 Osprey Flight Solutions delivers the most powerful resource in the industry for understanding the risks in the global aviation operating environment. The amount of data collected through their unique AI-based technology allows them to rapidly identify, corroborate and classify incidents, events and situations about which operators should be informed. By combining that data with their team of world-class analysts, Osprey delivers an end-to-end risk management system right from the planning stage, through to take-off and touch-down.

Operating from their headquarters in Lithuania, Heston Airlines specialises in full charter flights around the world. With a highly experienced team who strive to deliver exceptional customer service, Heston has established Osprey’s solution to enhance the safety, security and welfare of their passengers and crew.

Bruce Norfolk, Chief Commercial Officer at Osprey Flight Solutions, commented:

“To be recognised by a newly established carrier as an essential component of their operational risk management is real testament to how Osprey is revolutionising the way that operators can manage the risks that they face. We are delighted to welcome Heston Airlines to our rapidly expanding client base and very much look forward to working with them to ensure effective and efficient risk management for their entire operation.”

Marius Brazys, Head of Compliance Monitoring, Safety and Aviation Security at Heston Airlines added:

“Being an ACMI/Charter Operator, since the very beginning, Heston Airlines has been using innovative technologies to manage the operational risks. Therefore the decision to choose Osprey Flight Solutions to provide comprehensive information for security and risk decision making in the operating environment was another step towards improving the safety and security of our global operational network.”

About Osprey Flight Solutions

A new age for aviation risk management

Founded in 2017, Osprey fuses real-time information, technology and industry leading expertise to deliver the most advanced aviation risk analysis available anywhere. Our revolutionary data-driven approach provides instant situational intelligence to power dynamic decision making. Being able to see, understand and react to threats as they emerge sets a new standard for ensuring the safety and security of passengers, crew and aircraft. Because risk isn’t static in a fast-moving, turbulent world. Click here to find out more.

About Heston Airlines

Heston Airlines is a newly established European carrier, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. A member of the Heston Aviation Group, a consolidated group of companies focused on aviation assets leasing, trading, maintenance, repair and overhaul. The airline operates Airbus 320 aircraft and Airbus 330, providing short and long term services worldwide. Our team of industry executives and specialists is something that makes us extremely proud and self-confident.