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Regulatory compliance in the aviation industry means meeting the legal requirements set out by your regional aviation administration. This includes following safety regulations, complying with environmental standards, and adhering to industry standards. Compliance with these regulations is essential for ensuring the safety and security of people and property in the air and on the ground. It also helps to ensure efficient operations and protects the reputation of the aviation industry.

Osprey:Sentinel is a regulatory compliance tool designed to help airlines avoid fines or other regulatory consequences from notice breaches. :Sentinel allows you to check your flights against regulators’ prohibitions and advisories, using your real-time flight data, to proactively monitor your flights and notify you of any possible breaches, allowing time for corrective action to be taken before a potential breach occurs. A highly visual tool, :Sentinel displays a global map that allows you to select specific regulators and visualise where and at what altitudes they permit flights.

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Aviation Industry Regulatory Compliance
See all the latest prohibitions and advisories in an easy-to-use dashboard, with map functionality

Get real-time picture of your compliance risk with :Sentinel.

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You can immediately and systematically cross-reference your flights with UK CAA, French DGAC, German LBA, Transport Canada and EASA notices, giving you the assurance that any potential violation will be identified in advance.

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You will receive proactive email notification of any potential or actual flight breaches, including codeshare partners, allowing time for corrective action to be taken before a potential breach occurs.

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The customisable dashboard includes a global map that allows for easy visualisation of all prohibitions and advisories in place, linked to your flight data so you can immediately identify areas of compliance concern and take the necessary action.

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It also facilitates the identification of historic breaches, to allow you to proactively engage with the relevant regulators to minimise the impact on your operations and organisation.

Helping the aviation industry stay on top of your regulatory compliance
Display and access all your upcoming flight advisory and prohibition notice breaches

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