world overflight risk conference
Join us for the World Overflight Risk Conference 2024, a landmark educational event hosted by Osprey Flight Solutions and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This conference aims to bring together the global aviation community to address the ever-evolving challenges of overflight risk, emphasising collaboration and innovation for a safer operational environment.

Uniquely targeted for all relevant sectors; aviation organizations, operators, regulators, and insurers, this event seeks to foster strategic change in understanding and managing risks associated with flights over or near conflict zones and other high-risk airspace. By uniting key stakeholders, the conference ensures a comprehensive and holistic consideration of these critical issues at the organizational level.

In addition to addressing current challenges, the conference recognizes the 10-year anniversary of the downing of Flight MH17. As a non-profit initiative, all profits from the event will be dedicated to supporting the victims’ associations of MH17 and PS752. Join us as we contribute to a safer future for global aviation through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and a commitment to addressing overflight risks head-on.

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