The Risk Manager platform is designed to consolidate and streamline security risk management for aviation operators. Through providing up to date risk scoring (provided by Osprey) and facilitating the review of countries/airports, you will be able to respond to global developments and make operational decisions faster. The platform also enables active monitoring of controls and the communication of key security information to stakeholders.

Benefits of the platform:

  • • Access to the aviation industry’s largest consolidated resource for risk mitigation measures (controls) collated by our aviation risk experts.
  • • Manage risks with confidence using an ISO 31000-compliant framework.
  • • Risk ratings are updated, and users notified the minute a risk environment changes.
  • • Easily produce location reports and updates for interested senior stakeholders.
  • • Generate and share action logs for easy auditing.
  • • Confirm and track the adoption and application of mitigation measures.
  • • The platform is pre-configured and fully managed, letting you focus on managing the risks to your operations.
  • • Use the platform out-of-the-box or customise it to suit your organisation’s risk management process.

Typical User Workflow

To help you understand how to use the Risk Manager platform, below is a high-level suggested workflow: 

  1. Access the Risk Manager Dashboard and review which locations display in the ‘Latest Actions’ section 
  2. Select a location to review 
  3. If action is required to mitigate the risk (I.e. reduce the Untreated Risk Score to an acceptable level): 
    1. Set workflow status to ‘In Progress’ 
    2. Review Theme scores (update them if you disagree with Ospreys scoring) 
    3. Review the Untreated Risk Score for the location (update if you disagree with the aggregated score) 
    4. Review the analysis and any further information for the location (update the custom element sections if you have further information to add) 
    5. Apply or update the applied Controls to the location 
    6. Assess how the applied controls mitigate the risk (only applies if ‘Control Rating Automation’ feature not enabled) 
    7. Review or update the Control Factor value by which to reduce the Untreated Risk Score (this will be updated automatically if ‘Control Rating Automation’ feature is enabled). 
    8. Observe the calculated Treated Risk Score based on the Control Factor Value input 
    9. Once happy with the Treated Risk Score, either set workflow status to ‘Awaiting Approval’ – if approval required OR set workflow status to ‘Up to date.’ 
  4. If action is not required to mitigate the risk set workflow status to ‘Up to date.’ 


The Risk Manager platform allows you to access and download several different report types for use internally and externally to allow you to share risk management information with your wider organisation as well as third-party organisations (such as external auditors/governing bodies).

Reports available in Risk Manager:

  • Overview Report
  • Location Summary Report
  • Location Audit Report

The ability to download a report is represented in the platform by the following icon:

Download Report

Location Summary Reports can be customised to allow you to specify which information is included in the report via the creation and configuration of custom report templates, allowing you to create/configure report templates for different use cases.

You have the option to include your organisations company logo in the header of all reports, if you wish to enable this feature for your account, please contact your Account Manager at Osprey.

Other User Guides