A breakthrough in aviation security

We believe that everyone should be as safe and secure as possible when they are travelling by air.

Osprey brings a step change in aviation security expertise. We fuse the best of human and technical capability to provide the highest level of support to operators in understanding and mitigating the threats to their crew, passengers and aircraft

We integrate vast experience, the highest quality analysis and cutting edge technical capabilities to help our customers keep their crew, passengers and aircraft safe.

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Seamless Integration

Strength of analysis

Our service is seamlessly integrated with operators’ existing systems and processes to make it as easy to use as possible.

Human/AI Fusion

Human and AI integration

We use cutting edge technical capabilities and methodology to enhance the speed, accuracy and consistency of analysis.



Flexible access options give the operator the freedom to assess any and all flight operations.

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Integrating vast experience, quality analysis and cutting edge technology

Combining AI and human expertise to deliver unrivalled analysis

For the first time in aviation risk management, we have integrated human expertise with the enabling capabilities of technology. We enhance our skills and experience by leveraging advanced data analytics, machine learning and AI to maximise the security and safety of all flight operations

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