Osprey Flight Solutions announces the launch of Osprey:Open.

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An introduction from Andrew Nicholson - CEO

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Setting the standard for aviation risk analysis

Osprey fuses real-time information, technology and industry leading expertise to deliver the most advanced aviation risk analysis available anywhere.

Our revolutionary data-driven approach provides instant situational intelligence to power dynamic decision making.

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For the first time in aviation risk management, we have integrated human expertise with the enabling capabilities of technology. We enhance our skills and experience by leveraging advanced data analytics, machine learning and AI to maximise the security and safety of all flight operations.

See the complete picture, in real time

Get real-time data-driven analysis from take-off to touch-down.

Increase your ability to see, understand and react to threats as they emerge.

Seamlessly integrate our service with your existing flight planning software to enable automatic risk assessment of every flight.

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