EASA’s Conflict Zone Hub one year on!

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Osprey Flight Solutions

In March 2022, in collaboration with EASA, Osprey Flight Solutions launched the EASA Conflict Zone Hub. Available to all European states and operators, the hub is a first-of-its-kind platform that provides comprehensive, consistent, and dynamic reporting on the threats that operators face when flying over or near conflict zones, anywhere in the world.  

Over the years other parties have unsuccessfully attempted this initiative, such as the ICAO Conflict Zone Information Repository (CZIR), the Safer Skies Consultative Committee, EGRICZ, and others, over the preceding years. These offerings have largely been fragmented general discussion forums instead of providing actionable threat and risk intelligence that operators and regulators can act on.

In a single interface, the EASA/Osprey platform provides threat identification and monitoring, associated alerting capabilities, access to regulatory and advisory documents, and information relating to conflict zones. Significantly, it is also a platform to facilitate industry collaboration, allowing all stakeholders to comment on, discuss, and provide further information on any of the documents available through the platform to enable all users to get the most out of the information provided. A quantum shift for the industry and the most significant step forward in preventing another MH17, PS752 tragedy.

Built to EASA’s bespoke specification by Osprey Flight Solutions, the alerts and data within the platform come from Osprey’s database, the largest of its kind in the industry, and all information on the platform is quality controlled by EASA personnel. EASA also administers the platform and funds it entirely, thus providing free-of-charge access to the authorities entitled to access the system.

The platform has 213 members, representing every one of the 27 EU member states, and over 50 operators. To date, the platform has issued 1,556 alerts and other documents. It is the first time that a large segment of the industry has access to a consistent, apolitical, objective view of overflight risk across the globe.

Andrew Nicholson, CEO of Osprey Flight Solutions, comments: “With its success and mass adoption within the EU, the CZ Hub is a great stepping stone to achieving safer and more secure aviation but to truly transform aviation risk management one must look at all types of risk events.”

Overall, this platform has greatly improved the safety and efficiency of air travel by providing operators with real-time information on potential overflight risks. With its comprehensive database and user-friendly interface, it has become an essential tool for airlines and aviation authorities within the EU.

Image of EASA Osprey Flight Solutions Conflict Zone monitoring solution