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Introducing Osprey Risk Manager, a robust risk management solution designed with the aviation industry, for the aviation industry. The platform offers unparalleled capabilities and customisation with features such as customisable automated reporting, enabling the creation of tailored report templates for diverse use cases.

The platform automates all the necessary workflows, helping you to achieve effective, compliant, and efficient risk management. With the capability to visualise both untreated and treated risk ratings as mitigations are applied, Osprey provides a comprehensive overview of risk evolution. Additionally, users can set manual sensitivity scores to notifications and alerts, ensuring a focus on data specifically pertinent to their operational needs.

Achieve a centralised, comprehensive risk management process to maintain accurate reports and risk prioritisation.


The Osprey Risk Manager platform offers you an all-in-one solution to aviation risk management.

Consolidates data from multiple sources

Customisable automated alerts and notifications

Internal controls management

Comprehensive risk identification

Risk assessment and prioritisation

Automated documentation and reports

Regulatory and standards-based compliance support

Business process control


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