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overflight risk monitoring flight planning software


Maximising your flight risk reports

Osprey :Pulse keeping you on top of risk


Making the most of your :Pulse dashboards

Osprey :Sentinel, regulatory compliance tool for the aviation industry

Osprey: Sentinel

Understanding your :Sentinel dashboards


Your live data analytics dashboard

risk intelligence solutions and administration


Make the most of the system

Atlas risk identification mapping


Visualising aviation risk

Osprey Risk Alerts - risk identification


A guide to your aviation alerting system


Guide to accessing Reports

Situation Updates

Looking for an Osprey Situation Update?

View all our situation updates now in one central location. 

TIP: Access the updates whenever you need by bookmarking the link. 

System Updates

risk forecasting risk mapping and intelligence

Forecast Notifications

Our enhanced forecasting is an additional notification category designed to provide you with even greater insights and predictive intelligence needed to navigate an ever-changing and dynamic environment.

Airport Reports

Discover the extensive benefits of our integration with AC-U-Kwik and gain a deeper understanding of how it enhances our Airport Reports. Explore the possibilities and the potential it holds for elevating your operations.

Osprey Flight Solutions, alerts and notifications risk

Source Links

Osprey’s email notifications have a new addition. We are now incorporating source links into each Alert, making verification and timely action easier for you and your operations. In addition, you can now have even greater confidence in the authenticity and traceability of our information.

Dynamic Risk Mapping

Osprey is changing the way we display airspace risk.

By completely removing the influence of regulations and borders from our geographical definitions of physical and operational risk, our picture is more accurate, consistent and specific than has ever been possible.

Risk Manager Guides

Quick Start Guide

Quick start introduction and overview for our new solution Risk Manager. 

Risk Manager User Guide

Comprehensive user guide for Ospreys latest solution.  

Client Webinars and Resource Videos

Client Exclusive: Risk Manager Product Showcase

An exclusive introduction to Osprey’s brand new product, Risk Manager. Delivered by Product Manager Tom Finney.

Situation Update: Israel-Iran

Exclusive webinar delivered on 16th April 2024 by Matthew Borie, CIO.

Client Webinar - 19 October 2023

Watch our most recent client webinar covering latest news and updates.

Other Webinars

Military Aircraft Movement Pings

Introduction and explanation for our new ping type and how this impacts you as Osprey clients.

Israel-Gaza Conflict Situation Update

Exclusive webinar delivered on 12th October 2023 by Matthew Borie, CIO.

GenAI and its place in Aviation risk management

Watch On-Demand: Osprey and partners Gallagher Specialty as explore the role of GenAI in aviation risk management.

Crisis Response vs Proactive Risk Management

Watch On-Demand: Join the discussion on the pivotal roles played by both risk management and crisis response. Explore how proactive risk management have empowered aviation stakeholders.

Integration Guides

:Pulse Integrations

Some helpful tips and techniques to optimise your use of  Osprey:Pulse system and to ensure that we receive and assess all your flight plans.

flight monitoring risk mapping aviation overflight risk

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